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#THEREDMOVEMENTSA is about women championing women. By gathering and rallying together as a community, we dream of giving girls the freedom of a future unrestricted by their menstrual cycles.

So how do we do it? Together. By partnering withus through this campaign, the story of Move Africa becomes the story of us.


The story of ubuntu - the power of unity and the feminine heart.

Being a part of #THEREDMOVEMENTSA is being part of the change, a force for good helping shape the future
of women in our nation. It’s helping us, alongside our partner NGOs, to distribute menstrual cups far and wide. For one, for all. For her, for us. Stronger together.

The RED MOVEMENT was born in response to women wanting to get involved in the fight against period poverty.

Our goal is to equip you to become part of the solution with us - by rallying your world and purchasing menstrual cups for girls in need.

Our commitment.
Move Africa will match every purchase, cup for cup,
and distribute these throughout Women’s Month with our partner organisations.

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